The bookmakers often pay special interest and attention to be wagers made by professional sports bettors.

Pitfalls in Sports Betting

This interest shown on the big fishes will influence the spread line. Such professionals are called sharp or wise guy in the industry. Experienced bookmakers will not accept bet from such people. In such situation the professional will seek the help of other people on their behalf called beards. In certain cases the professional will work as a group and are called syndicate. The syndicate creates a large impact on the spread line as they are capable of placing bets for large amounts. Syndicates will also place bets simultaneously with many bookmakers causing the quotes to change largely and quickly. Such fast movements are called steam. A person trying to place the bet for the first time will have to watch all these situations before placing his bet. The mere knowledge of sports will not be sufficient enough to succeed in sports betting.

There are people who enter into sports just for the excitement and are called squares.

Pitfalls in Sports Betting
Soccer football basketball players on grand arena

The bookmakers can easily identify squares from sharps. Some bookmakers show more interest towards the sharps but some favor squares. The books that prefer the sharps will high betting limits but will be taking a low commission. But they will collect their share during withdrawal or in the case of minimum bets. The books favoring the squares often have low betting limits and offer bonuses for registering with them.

But the rate of commission will be very high ranging from 11 to 10 points.

Pitfalls in Sports Betting

The money lines that they offer are also not quite judicial. The analysis on the betting pattern shows that the sharps are more active during minor sporting events. The people who bet for recreation or squares are found to be active during the major tournaments. Almost 90% of the participants in sports betting during major tournaments are the squares. This information can be wisely used to identify the choice of bookmakers and make your stand in sports betting.

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