These bets are made on certain outcomes of the match between to teams or individuals.

Other Types of Sports Betting Proposition Bet

The number of goals that a team scored is predicted earlier and bettors will stand either over or under it. In games like cricket and baseball the total runs scored by the team, runs taken by each player, number of wickets and even catches taken are considered for betting.

Parlays: This kind of bet often involves very huge amount at stake. The betting is done on multiple outcomes of the game. The bettor can bet for usually up to a maximum of 12 bets on the outcome of the same game. If a bettor goes for four different bets, and expects to win all four. If he fails in one bet, he will loose all his money and gets a huge amount if he wins all the four bets. This amount he gets will be substantially higher than the amount he will be getting if the go for the four bets separately.

Run Line Bets: This type of bets is also called puck line or goal line bets.

This is often used instead of money line or straight up bets. In games like baseball, football and hockey it is difficult the set a spread. Run line bets are used to incorporate point spread in such type of games. The run line of two teams will be specified as, A Team -1.5(+100), B Team +1.5(-120). In this case the bettors on A Team wins only if the team defeats B for more than 2 points. The supporter of the B Team has to put $120 at stake to win $100.

Other Types of Sports Betting Proposition Bet

Future Wagers: This bet is a prediction on the performance of a team in the coming future. It is not done just before the game as the previous bets. This bet will be on the performance of a team in the next upcoming season or tournament. The betting is of quoted in ration such as 1:30. The winner of the bet will get 30 times the amount put at stake.

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